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square dancing
square dancing

LaGrange Shuffler Square Dance Club dances at the Active Life Wellness Center every Tuesday night fro 7:30 to 9:30 with Bill Jones as our caller. Exercise is essential for good health. Exercise doesn't have to be boring.  Dancing provides a social scene with friends and potential friends. Dancing does burn calories and great for cardiovascular conditioning. Square Dancing is a low impact activity requiring constant movement and quick directional changes that help keep the body in shape.

You don't see a lot of 55 year old basketball players, but that's just the age when square dancers are hitting their peak.  Dancers who have had heart and hip replacement surgery are advised by their doctors to continue dancing
 as much as possible.  If you can walk, you can square dance.

Best of all, Western Square Dancing is universal. You will be able to dance anywhere in the world and it's always called in English.   Think of the people
 you will meet and friendships that last a lifetime.

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For information call Mel Bowling at 706-884-4974.